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ARGUS GOLD rating by ARGUS International.

Skyway Aviation

Our charter fleet includes some of the most cutting-edge aircraft with advanced cockpits on par with commercial airliners. Our pilots are some of the most respected in the area, with the knowledge and experience for every level.

Skyway Aviation Services has an aircraft for almost every mission and budget. From a single-engine Cirrus that can get you to Key West in about one hour, a helicopter that can drop you off on the golf course, to our CitationJet that can whisk you away to hundreds of locations in the southeast and is one fuel stop away from the western US.

Cessna Citation CJ2

What's your Mission?

  • Business Travel

    Fewer scheduled flights, longer layovers, single-day trips turning into multi-day trips, all add up to lower productivity. We can change all of that!

    Private charter flights increase productivity. Quicker check-ins, faster transit times, and visit multiple cities per day. On YOUR schedule at YOUR convenience.

  • Personal Travel

    The way we travel has changed dramatically. Private Charter may be a good alternative for you and your family. Safe, Fast, and Convenient.

  • Business & Pleasure

    Why not take the family on that business meeting. Plan on spending some extra time with the family at your destination. No schedule to keep. You don't have to worry about when your flight leaves because we leave whenever you want!  


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